High Vacuum Silicone Grease

For attaining a good level of vacuum just as a good quality vacuum pump oil is necessary, the importance of good quality vacuum grease too cannot be denied. High vacuum silicone greases come with abundant qualities and minimal drawbacks for commercial vacuum systems. Made up with a base of silicone high vacuum fluid, the grease looks milky-white in color and compared to ordinary greases, is much stiffer in consistency.

Vacuum grease is applied to O rings, joints and other connections in the vacuum system.
high vacuum silicone grease-vacuum grease

  • Vacuum grease reduces the leak rates associated with O ring and other vacuum connections. Hence, along with being used as a lubricant, it is also used as a sealant for joints in vacuum systems.
  • Water proof and moisture resistant.
  • Corrosion inhibitor.
  • Maintains its consistency, i.e., does not melt or evaporate even in extreme temperatures. Supervac’s High Vacuum grease SV-G9-Silicone can withstand temperatures as low as -25⁰ C to as high as 250⁰ C, making it much better than Apiezon hydrocarbon greases.
  • Preserves the rubber parts and doesn’t let them swell or soften up with heat.
  • Because of being thicker than normal lubricants, it’s not runny and doesn’t contaminate the vacuum system.
  • Recommended for ultra high vacuum systems. Supervac’s SV-G9-silicone is used for vacuums reaching up to 10-9 Torr.
  • Very low vapor pressure, therefore, no oil vapor backstreaming takes place.

In addition to all these advantages, Supervac’s SV-G9-Silicone comes with another advantage – it is very competitively priced. This means that in order to get a world-class quality product, the customer doesn’t have to burn a hole through his pocket.

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